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Partnering for Health - Patient Advocacy

Perhaps you need help coping with hospitals and doctors.
Reading about how families overcome serious problems will help you with your fears so you can partner with your health care professionals to get the best treatment.

Coming soon. . . Saving Sara: Love Heals

Explore ways to:

  • Talk to doctors
  • Monitor a loved one's care
  • Watch for toxic reactions to prescription drugs.

This true story relates a family’s quest to find the best help for their daughter following devastating illness and resulting disabilities. The Fisher family's journey takes them across the United States from California to Florida and back. Saving Sara explores radical medical practices and the unreported side effects of commonly used seizure control medicines.

Saving Sara also documents the loving care given by many physicians and other support services.


Available soon...

Saving Sara: Love Heals

Seizure drugsValproic Acid and Mysoline almost killed Sara.
Caution: Little known side effects can kill you.



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