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Sara loves music, concerts, Country Music TV, and jokes. She loves to watch her young nieces and nephews and laughs when they get into trouble.

Sara was born in 1979 and she was perfect. She conquered a four month battle with meningitis as an infant. The doctors did not explain to her family the results of the devastating illness.

Sara Fisher


Although Sara did talk when she was little, she quit talking when she started school because she found out that she sounded different.

Sara went to a special school when she was young. Later, she went to high school with her sister. When she was fifteen, Sara had back surgery. After that, she needed to stay home because of breathing difficulties.



Sara Fisher at a concert

Sara has three brothers and three sisters. Her parents beat all the odds of raising a child with disabilities and remained married. Sara's father Brian and Enicia Fisher taught special education. Sara's mother, author Jeanette Fisher, teaches interior design psychology and real estate investing. Design Psychology Expert Jeanette Fisher

Raising a Child with Disabilities

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Sara and Jeantte Fisher

Picture of Sara and Jeanette Fisher taken when Sara was taking seizure drugs that made her sleepy. They're riding on a gondola at Venetian, Las Vegas. Sara loved the strolling Madrigal singers, jesters, mimes, and magicians. However, she enjoyed the Star Trek characters at the Hilton even more because she is an avid Trekkie.

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